Hand of God

I apologize for the irreverence of this post.  Those easily offended are advised to skip this one.

Katie handed me her iPhone. There was a photo of clouds on the screen and she said, “Now tell me what you see, I’m not going to say what I think it looks like, but you just tell me what you see.” “Well,” I said immediately, “it is a great big hand flippin’ the bird.” “WHAT?!?” she said, “NO!  It’s an angel.” “An angel?” I answered. “Where do you see an angel? That is a big hand giving the one finger salute, plain as day.” “Oh,” she said, “I didn’t see that before. But, look, it’s right here.  See the head, and here are the wings.” “Ok,” I said, “so it’s a big hand giving the finger to an angel. Ya suppose it’s the hand of God?”

Writing 201: Poetry Assignment 7
Prompt: Finger, Form: Prose Poetry, Device:Assonance

© 2015 DM Shepherd


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