The Mellow Beach Pastry Wars

In celebration of ‘Pi’ Day.

In celebration of Pi Day

Once, when we were younger,
strong, fit and trim,
working at things
that required more effort than
pushing computer keys,
when no one worried about
fitting into jeans or speedos,
or even thought they ever would
have worries about such things,
these were the days
of the Mellow Beach Pastry Wars.
Days when cakes, cobblers,
pies and puddings
served as ammo.
A trifle made from scratch,
laced with liquor,
layered with all manner of
fruit and cream,
became a salvo,
lobbed over the fence
at unsuspecting neighbors.
The call would go out,
the troops would rally,
and we’d all eat ourselves silly,
drink and smoke and laugh,
until the sun came up.

© 2015 DM Shepherd



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