Fantasy Life Crisis

My fantasy life is in trouble.
Of late it has been
a total snooze.
For example,
the other day
I fantasized
that I was scrubbing
the kitchen floor,
down on my hands
and knees.
That was it.
No handsome man
threw open the back door
and swept me up in his arms.
The phone didn’t ring
to let me know
I was publisher’s clearinghouse
million dollar winner.
Just a bucket of soapy water
and a scrub brush.
This morning I had a fantasy
about riding the bus.
I had exact change
and found a seat
near the front.
No galloping bareback
on a black stallion,
crashing through the surf,
or flying away on a jet
to an exotic resort.
Only the city bus
lurching through traffic
on my way to work.
I’m open to suggestions
on how to spice up
my daydreams,
but maybe I should
try and spice up
my life, first.

© 2015 DM Shepherd


5 thoughts on “Fantasy Life Crisis

  1. a nice piece dawn…clean and concise…takes the reader where it wants to go with no wandering…well done. as are your other new poetic efforts.
    you seem to have found your voice…keep rolling with it.


    Liked by 1 person

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