Penny Candy

penny-candyWhen I was a child,
the highlight of my day
would come
on the way home,
after retrieving my older sister
from school.
We’d make a quick stop
at the Hitching Post,
a small country store,
the 7-11 of its day.
Mom would give us
each a penny,
and while she collected
milk or bread,
and whatever sundries
were needed for dinner,
we’d head straight for the
shelves of candy
at the front of the store.
It was a big decision,
what tasty treat
to trade our pennies for.
There were Atomic Fireballs
Mary Janes, Tootsie Pops,
Double Bubble or Bazooka,
Sugar Daddys, Chunkys,
BB Bats in half a dozen flavors…
I never pass up a penny,
lying abandoned
on the street,
though many
consider it
unworthy of the
effort to pick up.
I remember the time
when it was
worth the world to me,
and cherish
that sweet, sweet
of penny candy
from the country store.

© 2016 DM Shepherd


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