For Life

Wolves, despite their reputation,
coyotes, perhaps not as wily as you think,
beavers, never split,
barn owls, who-who-who who knew,
bats, never bat an eye at another,
eagles, grow old and bald together,
albatrosses, forever hang about each other’s neck,
black vultures, good looks apparently not a prerequisite,
swans, don’t just look hopelessly romantic,
doves, as in two turtle doves,
condors, well, this hasn’t worked out for them,
termites, eternally gnawing in unison,
French angel fish, though amorous are true,
anglerfish, stick together in the blackness of the deep blue sea,
prairie voles,
sandhill cranes,
schistosoma mansoni worms,
yes, even lowly worms,
mate for life.
Noticeably absent from this lengthy list
is Man.

© 2016 DM Shepherd


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