Saturdays with Pop

My Mother liked to go shopping,
my sister, delighted to go with,
to me it was pain worse than death,
so I spent Saturdays with Pop.

Sometimes we went fishing
in a rowboat on the lake.
It didn’t matter what we caught,
just being there was the gift.

There were bugs that danced
atop the water, dragonflies
flitting to and fro, tackle box
full of lures, worms looped on hooks.

Sandwiches wrapped in paper
were what we had for lunch.
Sun dappled afternoons led to
naps in the bow of the boat.

If it rained we’d take cover
in a shack up onshore,
waited for the showers to stop,
then we’d fish some more.

I learned so much on those
Saturdays, far more than
I can tell. It was our time spent
together, that is most dear to me.

© 2016 DM Shepherd


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